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Now it is possible to carry out medical consultations without geographical limitation 

  1. Select your need and look at the banner of the professional what type of service provides only face-to-face, only telemedicine or both services

  2. If you click on the banner you will go to the general information where you will see, among others, a contact form which you can complete or communicate to the contact center where they will give you support.

  3. You will have the necessary support to confirm your appointment by the selected modality

  4. You pay for the appointment (bank transfer or credit card)

  5. Remember:  the services managed by this platform are not free


Only Specialists
First level

We take care that your experience is the necessary

  • Doctor Edgar Terán
    Cirugía Plástica Estética y ReconstructivaEspecialista en: Estética - Ósea Reconstructiva - Lipotransferencia - Labio Leporino - Paladar Hendido... Ver


  • Doctor José Molina
    Médico Neurocirujano - Especialista en Columna - Soluciones Mínimamente Invasivas Adultos y Niños... Ver


  • Doctor Marcos Poler
    Cirugía Cardio Vascular y Torácica -Flebologia - Atención y Tratamiento de las afecciones a las Venas Varicosas... Ver


  • Doctor Eddy Monge                                   Médico Cirujano - Neuropsiquiatría - Neurociencias... Ver 


  • Doctor Carlos de León Urriola
    Médico Cirujano Plástico Estético y Reconstructivo - Especialista en Mamas y Procedimientos Estéticos... Ver


  • Doctor Rubén Darío Ureña
    Cirujano Urólogo - Urología Incontinencia Femenina y Masculina - Próstata - Cálculos Renales - Endourología - Soluciones Mínimamente Invasivas... Ver


  • Doctor Samuel A. Edwards B.
    Médico Cirujano Ortopeda y TraumatólogoOrtopedia Infantil - Ortopedia Deportiva... Ver


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