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Doctor Rubén Dario Ureña

Urologist Surgeon - Urology 
Female and Male Incontinence - Prostate - Kidney Stones - Endourology - Minimally Invasive Solutions

Country: Panama      
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Inspired by his surgeon father by profession whom he considers his mentor and guide. Today, as a Urological Surgeon with more than ten years of experience, he shows us that he chose the right path, since he has practiced his profession with dedication, ethics and an investigative spirit, always looking for the best advantages for the patient in surgical treatments.

Doctor Ureña in some publications tells us about the diseases that affect the prostate,  among them cancer and the options to work it in a minimally invasive way, a technique in which he firmly believes, since these are surgeries where there is less blood loss, less post-operative pain, the incisions are much smaller and the recovery is faster.

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