Doctor Pablo Noel Médico especialista en Dermatología - Medicina Interna Manejo de las enfermedades Crónicas de la Piel, Su Médico en Línea

Doctor Pablo Noel

Specialist in Dermatology - Internal Medicine
Management of Chronic Skin Diseases

Country: Panama      
Price in Telemedicine: $ 100.00.-
Price in person: $ 100.00.-
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With extensive preparation in Panama and Mexico, the  Doctor Pablo  Noel  course studies of Medicine in Panama, his specialties are  Internal Medicine and Dermatology, with an emphasis on  management  chronic skin diseases.

It is important to be aware that the specialist in skin diseases is the dermatologist and also consider the seriousness that self-medication entails in the face of problems that we believe to be minimal without professional evaluation, we consider that the pathologies are aggravated and in many cases are irreversible.

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Tiene dos picos de incidencia: en edades jóvenes-medianas y en edades tardías.

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