Doctor  Jose Molina

Neurosurgeon Physician  - Column Specialist
Minimally Invasive Solutions Adults and Children

Country: Panama      
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Doctor José Molina Médico Neurocirujano  - Especialista en Columna Soluciones Mínimamente Invasivas Adultos y Niños, Su Médico en Línea

The  neurosurgery  is the  Medical speciality  that is responsible for the surgical management (including education, prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, intensive care, and rehabilitation) of certain diseases of the central, peripheral and vegetative nervous system, including its vascular structures; the evaluation and treatment of disease processes that modify the function or activity of the nervous system, including  pituitary and surgical treatment of pain.

As such, neurological surgery encompasses the surgical, non-surgical and stereotactic treatment of adult and pediatric patients with certain diseases of the nervous system, both of the brain and of the meninges, the base of the skull, and their blood vessels, including surgical treatment. and endovascular of pathological processes of the intra- and extracranial vessels 

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