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Doctor Eddy Monge

Neurology - Neuropsychiatry - Neurosciences - Neurosurgery
Guatemala - Honduras - El Salvador - United States - Mexico - Panama 

Country: Guatemala - United States 
Attention: North America - Central America - Colombia
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Dr. Eddy Monge is internationally recognized for his Specialties and application of Medical Scientific treatments with effective results.

Neurological Surgeon, Psychiatrist specializing in Neurosciences. Summoned in a large number of countries to give conferences and considered an eminence in the specialties he occupies.

The  neuroscience  is a field of the  science  what he studies  nervous system  and all its aspects; how could their  structure,  function,  developing  ontogenetic and  phylogenetic,  biochemistry,  pharmacology  Y  pathology; and how its different elements interact, giving rise to the biological bases of the  cognition  and the  conduct

The study  biological  of  brain  is an area  multidisciplinary  spanning many levels of study, 3from the purely  molecular  to the specifically behavioral and cognitive, going through the level  cellular (neurons  individual), small assemblages and networks of neurons (such as cortical columns) and large assemblages (such as those of visual perception) including systems such as the cerebral cortex or cerebellum, and even the highest level of the nervous system.

The  psychiatry  is the  Medical speciality  dedicated to the study of  mental disorders  with the aim of preventing, evaluating, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating people with mental disorders and ensuring the autonomy and adaptation of the individual to the conditions of their existence

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